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These are examples of the emotions felt by a few of my leaders before joining the team.  Which ones do you most identify with?

This business works as a team. This is why it's so awesome! Have you ever thought about doing a direct sales business before? *

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When asked if the initial team experience exceeded their expectations, this is how my leaders responded.   Which ones do you most look forward happening for you?

A really unique feature of the doTERRA comp plan is that all levels of desired income are welcome. 

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Most new doTERRA business builders share essential oils part-time in addition to lots of other responsibilities like family, their existing business, or full-time job in their current career. 

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I asked my leaders how they describe our Essential Leaders team to others. This is a collection of their responses. Check all the  qualities that make you say "Yes! This is the team for me!" *

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