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These programs are a free perk of being on our doTERRA team!

If you are currently enrolled in doTERRA on the Audacious Abundance team, who is your enroller? If you are not yet enrolled, who is your future enroller?

OPTION 1: The Clean Slate, Clean Plate Program is our traditional 30-day cleanse that includes an elimination diet to help you figure out which foods make you feel best. There are no calorie restrictions, just leaving out the most common foods that keep us feeling unwell: sugar, dairy, caffeine, grains, etc.

What you can expect:
-- a full digestive reset bringing you back to a comfortable and drama-free system
-- clearing of allergies, red eyes, or other skin irritations that may have otherwise been chronic
-- reduction of pain and inflammation
-- energy boost and better sleep with mood improvement
-- potential weight loss

Program 2: The Keto Cleanse Program is a new addition and blends the gut-cleansing benefits of the traditional program plus the blood-sugar-balancing benefits of ketogenic living. The full-fat daily guidance for keto is far more restrictive than a traditional cleanse, but can be the silver bullet for the right candidate. Calories are not "restricted" if weight loss is not a goal, but you will follow certain macronutrient goals. Generally, 70% of your calories will come from fat, 25% from protein and 5% from carbohydrates. This program is both vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

What you can expect:
-- Massive weight loss -- especially if traditional clean eating hasn't worked for you in the past
-- Hormone balance
-- Significant drop in inflammation
-- Better workout recovery

My program of choice is going to be:

Now that you know which program you'd like -- let's make sure you have your supplies.

Have you ordered your Cleanse and Restore kit from your back office?

Which phone number is best in case your enroller needs to provide you with support or Kelly has to call you to help you choose the right program?

Next steps!

After you send your receipt of ordered cleanse products to Kelly at kelly@kellydollinger.com you'll be all set.

During the first week of January expect to receive the cleanse guides and materials via email and you will be added to the correct program Facebook group to meet your coaches!

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